Nokia XP

Nokia XP (S60 3rd)

Make your Nokia phone look like Windows XP


  • Authentic background wallpaper
  • XP-style rounded menu and option buttons


  • Lacks new system icons

If you're so mad-crazy over Windows XP that you can't bear to be away from it then perhaps the Nokia XP theme offers the solution.

True, it won't add any of the functionality of Microsoft's famous operating system to your phone, but it will make it look a bit like you're using a PC.

I say "a bit", because in reality it's only the Bliss wallpaper and the blue and green menu bars that give it that Nokia XP that Windows look. Unfortunately, the system icons in your Series 60 device won't be altered to look like Windows shortcut keys.

That said, Nokia XP is still as striking theme for fans of the Windows OS.

Nokia XP


Nokia XP (S60 3rd)

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